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Waistbeads: Cute or Cursed? My Deliverance Story

Disclaimer: Waistbeads are cultural and can be very beautiful. This is in no way written to bash them or anyone who wears them. One cultural use was for virgins to wear them until their wedding night, when their husband popped them off and got it poppin! HOWEVER, as with any other purely intended tradition, things get perverted and become used to inflict harm. This is just my personal experience with allowing a stranger to put them on me, unknowingly welcoming a curse on my womb and sexual organs!

Marine spirits, MamiWata, sirens, water spirits, mermaid spirits… There are many spirits of the sea and under the sea. Many people are unaware of what they are, that they’re real and how they can manifest in our lives. For me, the beach was my favorite place and whenever I was there, I’d become super sensual and almost lose myself in the feeling of being this sexual goddess. Be very clear that when there are sacrifices made unto the water in the names of various deities, these spirits are very real and active and seek to steal, kill, and destroy – especially women. Whatever you expect of them always requires a constant sacrifice (usually blood). When that sacrifice isn't upheld, they will take it! I have seen women doing rituals of these beads (and yoni eggs) in the water before selling them, unaware of what that does to the one wearing them.

Before going into my story, I have to be honest with y’all. The universe, the water, the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, and anything in creation can’t save or heal you. These created things can’t even guide you into all Truth or direction – because they’re NOT your Creator. That’s like going to a manufacturer’s item for directions on how to use another item. It just doesn’t work like that. Sorry not sorry, take it up with Jesus.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s story time!

I was with a good girlfriend catching up in downtown Silver Spring, enjoying the weather and there just so happened to be an Ethiopian festival. I always thought waist beads were so beautiful and wanted some, but never got around to having them made. Well, this particular day the girl I was with showed me the booth where the lady was making them, fitting them, and selling them. I was drawn to a few different colors, got them measured and even got an anklet! She seemed harmless, so in my ignorance and naïveté, I let her put them on me. A friend of mine warned me months prior about young women who put waist beads on other young women, and secretly curse their wombs out of jealousy. I didn’t think twice about it because, well this woman was old. (haha)

Fast forward to months later, I’m experiencing these hormonal issues that I hadn’t had for MONTHS because I intentionally changed my diet, herbal regimen, etc to become extremely healthy. I hadn’t had PMS in forever, and all of a sudden it was coming back with a vengeance. PMS, but no period. I also had this strange growth in my vagina, right near the hole. It was a lump I never felt before, but I ignored it out of fear and just tried to pray it away. Foolish, I know. But it was all soon to be exposed.

My Deliverance Story (Part One):

I had been suffering through severe heaviness and depression upon waking up that I would regularly call out of work, not knowing I was under demonic oppression and witchcraft attack. In my ignorance, and lack of discernment I bought clothes and accepted gifts from witches, would frequent their events, smoked weed and drank alcohol regularly to cope with anxiety but I ended up worse and having constant panic attacks. Mind you, up until this point I had been experimenting with crystals, burning sage and incense in my apartment, fornicating of course, and used yoni eggs sacrificed to water goddesses to see if it would really make me a "soul snatcher". (Stay tuned for that blog post. Thank GOD for Jesus, I've come a long LONG way!!)

One day I wake up with the familiar heaviness and headache so I call out of work and get on a prayer line. While I’m on this prayer call, a prophetic intercessor hears the oppression in my voice. She starts calling out different demonic powers and immediately I feel this fire rising off of my head in relief! I break down in tears and this was the beginning of my spiritual deliverance. Deliverance is a term we use describing the process of freeing someone from the oppression or possession of evil spirits. As I started to study what these demons were, where they came from, and how they manifest, I started closing every open door that welcomes them and gives the legal right. That’s when the blinders were taken off my eyes and everything (and everyone) started being exposed. During this process, I was on my couch falling asleep from the exhaustion of warfare (its no joke) and literally heard the Holy Spirit in an audible voice say “WAISTBEADS!”. I jumped up, snatched them off and burned them outside immediately. My period was extremely late and I was bloated like crazy. Well, the next day my period finally came, the bloat went down, and that vaginal growth healed up and went away!

This is just the shorter version of the many, many things God has revealed to me. I want to warn my beautiful brown sisters because I never want you to go through this! Be careful what you give, what you receive and from who you receive and to whom you give. Beware of doing it for the culture at the expense of your own soul.

If you're wearing waist beads, and you are experiencing:

  • Hormonal imbalance that you can't really explain or improve

  • Abnormal bloating that no diet or exercising seem to help

  • Men are repelled from you (can't keep a boyfriend or get one to marry you), or men are obsessively drawn to you (you a man magnet! and not the right ones either....)

  • a sex drive that is sky high, or feels uncontrollable (and it's normally not)

  • a lot of lustful or perverse thoughts that you know aren't your own

  • any other significant physical, emotional or spiritual changes/struggles (the Holy Spirit will reveal the root of all things, just ask!!)

Pray this prayer of deliverance:

Father, in the name of Jesus, I repent for coming into agreement with seducing and witchcraft spirits by wearing waist beads sacrificed to deities. (repent for any sin, unforgiveness-and forgive all, pride, offense, and ask Holy Spirit to reveal and other open doors before continuing on with this prayer). Your word says in 1 John 1:9 if we confess our sins, You are faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Please forgive me, have mercy on me oh God, and cleanse me with the blood of Jesus. I now present my body to You only as a living sacrifice. I repent for defiling your temple, and ask You to make me whole. Thank you for delivering me from this trap of the enemy and not allowing it to lead to my destruction. Show me how to honor you with my body by living holy, walking in purity, and being led by Your Holy Spirit. Romans 8:1 says there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. Fill me with your Holy Spirit so I can remain in You, all the days of my life. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer, receiving me, healing me, and deivering me. In Jesus name I pray.

I recommend following the removal of the beads with a period of consecration, prayer and fasting. Follow the Holy Spirit's leading on how to discard them. If you haven't had a relationship with Him. just ask for guidance and discernment in hearing His voice. This is only the beginning and I believe as you read this and repent, He will show you other things in your home, that you may be wearing, music you're listening to, people you're around that MUST GO! He showed me a lot all at once, and I was radically obedient, but I hurt people in the process. When He shows you them, and you know its Him, don't hesitate!! Your answered prayers could be dependent on it. Also be mindful of how you handle things, and people. It is well! In Jesus name.

My favorite warfare chapters:

Psalms 18, 35, & 91

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