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The Spiritual Agenda of Marriage - Part 1 - Our Marriage Story!

In honor of our 4th anniversary year, this being our anniversary month, I’ll be sharing a two part blog series on marriage. Right now, God is really speaking concerning His purposes for marriage and how it glorifies Him in the earth.

As it relates to my marriage story, which is really a testimony, I have to be obedient to God and give Him all the glory. This had nothing to do with me or anything I could ever do to “deserve” it. I was broken and spiritually oppressed. God was lifting me, healing me, and delivering me, layer upon layer during this whole journey!

In the fall of 2017, God sent a man from Tanzania with a message for me. He never met me nor had he even been in America before. He asked a woman I know (who I only met through my ex boyfriend!) to tell me to call him. He told me I would marry by age 30, (I got married two years later at exactly 30 years old), he said I would marry the right man, and that I would never divorce. He encouraged me that I didn’t have to worry about making the mistakes my parents made and he told me not to fear. That was a release for me, and a message I needed. At that time, I had no idea what was coming and how much I’d have to remember what God said through His servant (because the WARFARE…. Wheww…)

At the time I received this prophetic word, I was dating a very sweet guy. Things were going well, but he would mock me at times for listening to my worship music, and he wasn’t sure what his spiritual beliefs were. Those were red flags, but because I thought he had everything else I wanted, I tried to fit him into my “prophecy box”. He was actually the counterfeit God warned me not to fall for! He was exactly my “type”, and I was definitely head over heels… in lust and infatuation. I was pretty lukewarm then, we were having plenty of sex (clouded judgment), and because my parents LOVED HIM I tried to make it work despite my personal convictions. When you receive a prophetic word concerning your God ordained spouse, be careful! You will be tempted to settle for what has the appearance of what you desire, but beyond the surface there is no substance or longevity. In fact, settling for the counterfeit will delay your God-given destiny or even completely derail it. DONT. FALL. FOR. IT.

Fast forward to December 2017, I went through a powerful transformation where God delivered me from severe heaviness, witchcraft, fornication, panic attacks, so much idolatry, demonic torment, drunkenness, weed dependence, lust, and so much more! Immediately after the initial deliverance session, He spoke to me one night so clearly saying “Marriage has a different spiritual agenda. That’s what you’re being prepared for.” I held on to that and never forgot it. When I got confirmation by the Holy Spirit that my boyfriend at that time wasn’t my husband, I had to break up with him right away so nothing would be delayed. It was devastating, and to everyone around me I looked CRAZY, but I knew God had the best for me so I trusted Him. Side note, when you hear from God, never ever let anyone tell you otherwise. People told me I should be lenient and give the man time to figure himself out, and that everyone has their own journey and process. While that’s true, I knew where God was calling me to and the kind of man required to walk with me. Almost two years later, it made perfect sense.

In January of 2019, God spoke to me saying that "this is the year of the husband. This is the year of the husbandman." He told me to get ready, because He’s sending me my king and that we were going to have a royal wedding. He even made me watch The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement. God has a sense of humor. I got so much revelation from that movie. Well, I later found out that my husband comes from a royal family and his grandfather was (and still is) a king in Nigeria. Should his father, who is the eldest son, decide not to take the throne, my husband would be next in line. Even more, my husband is the son of The King of Heaven and an heir of righteousness!!!!! A true child of the Most High God, and a king under the King of kings.

One month later, we started dating in February 2019 and BOYYY WAS IT HARD to not have sex until marriage, but we waited. As best we could. (haha) Fast forward to September 24th, 2019 just 7 months later we married in an intimate ceremony- just us and the pastor.

I’m in awe of the love and sweetness that God has given me wrapped up in my king and hubby. Our callings and purposes align. He is the most selfless servant I know and a true man of God. He is a worshiper in Spirit and in Truth. He loves God and He loves me. He's an amazing father and provider. I honor and respect the man he is today, and forever.

I say all that to say this.

After a series of life changing events, saying yes to leaving the familiar (despite what people thought), obeying God to leave my independence and move back home, losing loved ones and every friend, I said yes to God and never looked back. It hasn’t been easy, and felt like hell and tons of betrayal at times. I didn’t always handle things right, the warfare was great, I was used and abused, but I kept running to God with everything that was within me. So many times I thought I heard wrong and wanted to give up, but He always confirmed His word and ordered my steps. I stopped looking to people for validation. I kept on forgiving, I kept on healing and i continued holding on to what He said.

For those waiting on your God ordained spouse, I hope that my story encourages you. Obedience to God is EVERYTHING. God cannot lie! He will not. What He speaks He will manifest. Your journey is yours alone and never ever compare yourself. The process of God looks nothing like what the world, or society, our culture, or our parents tells us it should. You don’t need to date for five years and move in together before you know if you’re going to marry them. In your relationship with the One and Only God HE alone will confirm, affirm and reassure you. He will make sure you know you’re on the right path. Purity is deeper than just celibacy. Let God deal with your heart and prepare you HOWEVER He needs to.

Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. never settle. Ask God to help you discern well. God will never leave you. It’s certainly worth the wait and I’d do it all over again.

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